The new cosmetic line of Ventoni Company is a concentrated expression of the recent advances in the field of cosmetic science, the richness of the plants and the best Bulgarian cosmetic ingredients – rose water and rose oil. In the innovative, effective and beneficial for the skin and the hair products are reflected the latest technology and environment friendly components of the leading French, German and American companies - Sederma, BASF, Seppic, Kelco, CODIF. The focus is not only on the active ingredients. The emphasis is put on the overall composition of the products. The goal is to get you into a new world of sensitivity - soft, delicate, silky touch combined with a visible, long lasting effect. All this is achieved with environment friendly technologies.

The main ingredients of the line are:

Rose Water Rose oil Argan oil PHEOHYDRANE JUVINITY™ Caprylyl Caprylate/Caprate
Nourishing Shampoo
Strengthening hair conditioner
Repairing Hair Mask
Spray Conditioner  without washing
Hydrating and cleansing lotion
Hydrating tonic
Revitalizing Face Cream
Revitalizing Day Face Cream
Nourishing Night Face Cream
Eye Cream
Hydrating Face Mask
Firming Body Balm
Body butter
Body scrab
Gel for intímate wash